5 Ways To Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal With A Chain Link Fence

Installing a chain link fence on your property is a long-term way to help keep pets and children safe. While the fence does it's job, it may not be the prettiest thing to look at on a daily basis. Instead of sacrificing your daily protection, you can increase your curb appeal and still keep the chain link fence that you need. A number of upgrades to your fence will dramatically change the way it looks on your property, especially in the front yard. When professional fence contractors come to install your fence, consider adding the following five features. Each fence design element increases design, improves style, and provides a little extra curb appeal.

Slats & Inserts

Add an instant design element to your fence with slats and inserts. These design elements can slide between the links on a fence and create a nice visual or design pattern. When choosing slats and inserts, you can select from a variety of colors and materials. If you're looking to add a natural look, then you can add colored slats like beige, brown, or green. Instead of a solid color, you can also mix colors to make different designs and patterns. Once the slats are weaved through, they are securely attached to the ends of the fence.

Fake Hedge Inserts

Create a natural look for your chain link fence without having to worry about gardening. Fake hedge inserts can add privacy and create a natural look for the perimeter of your fence. The fake hedges are small pieces that are wrapped around the chain link fence and cover up all the metal elements. Some versions of the fake hedges are draped over the top of the fence and attached to the bottom. From a distance, the covered fences look like a collection of hedges while still providing protection. If your home has a front gate, surrounding it with the fake hedge cover adds a nice symmetrical design to surround the gate with.

Flowering Vines

If you're looking for real plant options, then you can consider a variety of flowering vines. When planted at the bottom of a chain link fence, flowering vines will slowly grow until they cover the fence and create a beautiful look for your lawn. The key to planting flowering vines is properly maintaining them for the fence. You want to ensure that the fence is not being pushed or moved due to the force of the plant. This can be guaranteed by proper trimming and inspecting specific areas including the bottom of the fence where thicker vines may grow. A variety of vine plants can be used on the fence. This includes the banksia rose and daisy vine. Full growth time depends on the type of plant, but it typically takes a full season to completely cover your fence.

Garden Accessories

Additional garden accessories can be used around your fence to help add decorations without directly impacting the fence. Garden trellises provide large fence structures that plants can grow on and be hung on. The trellises can be installed a few inches away from the chain link fence to add a nice look. Setting three or four of the trellises across the fence makes it ideal for creating a uniform look that goes evenly across your fence area. When working with fence contractors, the workers can also install the trellises for you so that they are secure.

Painted Fences

A majority of chain link fences have a metal finish. If you choose to have a painted fence installed, a contractor will use rust-resistant paint to prevent chipping or deterioration of the fence. Choose a paint that complements your home and adds a splash of color to the landscaping. Choosing a color can be based on a number of factors. For example, when adding curb appeal, you can select a fence color that matches the shutters of your home. This adds a nice look when viewed from the street. Darker tones like black and brown also help a fence blend into your property more than a metal finish.

As you shop around for fences, ask to see galleries of installations. This will help you get a better idea for the exact type of fence you want on your property. For more information, contact a company like Elrod Fence Co.