Two Fence Additions To Encourage Your Cat To Stay At Home

Fences are very useful devices as they keep intruders out of your back yard. Unfortunately, fences are often not a deterrent for friendly felines who like to go wandering at night. Millions of domestic cats and dogs die each year after being struck by passing vehicles, and as a new cat owner, you don't want your furry friend to have the same fate. A fencing contractor like Askatu Construction can help you to make changes to your existing fence design in order to keep your kitty cat safely within the boundaries of your property, so all you need to do is decide which one of these cat proofing fence ideas you like the best.

Line The Fence Interior

Cats need to use the interior of your fence to get over the top of it as they are obviously not able to jump most fences in one single bound. One thing cats really hate the feel of against their paws is steel, so an easy fix to stop your cat climbing the fence interior is to line it with metal.

Chicken mesh is perfect for this task. Have your fencing contractor staple rolled out chicken mesh to the interior of your fence. Not only will this stop your car from climbing up against the wood, but you can also use the mesh to help grow climbing plants if you want to hide the mesh from being seen.

Add A Fence Topper

If you are not thrilled with the aesthetic appearance of chicken mesh on your fence, you can have your fencing contractor install a fence topper instead. There are two different choices to choose from:

  1. Install angled pieces of wood at regular intervals along the top of the fence. Between these wood pieces, extend mesh or wire strands. When the cat reaches the top of the fence, they are unable to get over the metal barrier as it is angled inwards towards the property.
  2. Add vertical pieces of wood at regular intervals along the top of the fence. Run metal pipes horizontally between each of these posts, but make sure the pipes are installed so they can move rather than being in a fixed position. By doing this, when your cat reaches the pipes, it won't be able to get a grip on them as the pipes will roll beneath their feet.

It does not take too much to make your fence cat-proof and a great fencing contractor can take care of these changes in a couple of days. However, by getting these fence alterations done, you obtain the relief of knowing your feline buddy will be keeping their paws firmly on the ground.