Tired Of Solicitors And Suppliers On Your Commercial Property? Get A Gate And Keep Everyone Out

If the amount of solicitors that come in and out of your facility is getting overwhelming, and you constantly have suppliers and other companies trying to meet with your employees, it's time to get a gated entrance for your parking lot.

You don't have to fence the entire facility in if you don't want, but it may be best to get a gated parking lot or to block off the entrance from the road so only employees can get in, along with other things. Look into the following so these people aren't a problem.

Badge Activated Gate

A badge activated gate is great because the employees will be able to scan their ID badge, or they can scan something that they have in their vehicle and that is the only way to get the gate open to go into the parking lot. If you have people coming in that are approved, they can buzz the front desk and then you can give them a temporary key code or lift the gate manually.

You'll want to add fencing up to the gate if you don't want people parking on the road then walking to try to get into the building.

No Soliciting Signs

The no soliciting signs you want should be custom made, so anyone who tries to come up the driveway can see them. These signs should be in a spot that everyone can see, and you may want to post one by the front door so anyone that somehow got in through the gate is warned again.

Fencing Cameras

Put cameras by the fencing. If you can see that there are people trying to get up into the building, or cars driving around over and over, pulling up to the gate several times, you can call security or police to have the issues dealt with.

You don't want suppliers and solicitors walking around your building when you don't know who it is, and you don't want them disrupting your employees when they are trying to work. Talk with a fencing company that specializes in doing projects on commercial properties when the property owners are worried about security, and then find a way to make it so you don't have to worry about coming into the driveway. This doesn't just keep the unwanted solicitors out, but it could also keep out disgruntled employees or people that would be a security concern. Contact a company like Phoenix Fence, Co. to learn more.