3 Benefits Of Aluminum Fencing You May Not Know About

If you're considering different types of fencing for your backyard, don't overlook aluminum. Aluminum has several nice advantages. For instance, it needs very little maintenance since the finish is fused to the fence, and it won't peel or chip. Aluminum also won't rot or be destroyed by termites. These are certainly nice advantages to consider. Here are three other benefits of aluminum fencing you may not know about.

Aluminum Fencing Is Rackable

A rackable fence is one that can be adjusted to fit the slope of your yard. This is very important if your property has a hill or slope along the property line. When the fence is racked, the bottom fits against the ground, even when it is on a slope, and the top has a smooth curve. The end result is an eye-pleasing appearance. Some types of fencing, such as solid wood and vinyl fence panels, can't be racked. Instead, they are installed in a stair-step fashion on a slope. This gives the fence an uneven appearance that you may find unsightly. If you try to get around the problem by making the top of the fence even, then there will be gaps at the bottom where your dog or maybe even a small child could slip through.

Aluminum Is Ideal For A Large Gate

One unique thing about aluminum is that it is very strong while also being lightweight. This is advantageous if you plan to install a wide gate on your fence. If you plan to park an RV or boat in the backyard, a wide fence makes it easier to maneuver through. Being lightweight, the fence will be easy to open, and it will have a long life since there won't be heavy weight to constantly pull against the hinges. Just because aluminum is lightweight, it doesn't mean it isn't strong enough to provide security. Aluminum fences are used in commercial, recreational, and industrial applications to control crowds and provide boundary security.

Aluminum Is Environmentally Friendly

If having an environmentally-friendly fence is important to you, then aluminum is a good choice. Buy fencing made from recycled aluminum, and you won't have to kill trees or harm the earth to get your fence material. Plus, you won't have to use toxic paints and cleaning chemicals on the fence since the only maintenance it should need is the occasional blast with a garden hose. So, aluminum is more environmentally friendly than some other options since it can be made from recycled materials.

Another nice thing about aluminum fencing you may not know about is that it comes in a variety of colors just like other fencing materials. You're probably most familiar with black aluminum since it is popular, but you can choose another color if you like such as brown, bronze, beige, speckled, or even white.

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