3 Reasons To Have A Temporary Fence Around A Construction Site

Construction projects involve a number of details, and most construction companies want to ensure that the project is done correctly and on time. While most people know that construction projects need construction workers, heavy equipment, and a number of tools and materials, people often overlook the importance of having a temporary fence around the construction site. There are many reasons to rent a temporary fence for a construction site, such as:


Construction sites can be very dangerous areas, especially for pedestrians. As a construction company, the last thing that you want is for someone to wander onto your construction site and get hurt. In this type of situation, your company could be held liable, and work on the project could be delayed. One of the best ways to ensure that a construction site does not pose any risk to people in the area is by putting up a temporary fence for the duration of the project. A tall, temporary chain link fence will make it very difficult for a pedestrian to accidentally enter the construction site, and it will also keep out people who may want to explore the area and examine the construction site. Renting a temporary fence is an important safety measure that can reduce hassles for your construction company.

Protection from Theft or Vandalism

Most construction projects are carefully planned and designed to be completed within a certain budget and time frame. If your company experiences theft or vandalism at your construction site, the project can be delayed and end up costing much more than planned. Not to mention the expenses you may incur if your company's heavy equipment or tools are stolen and need to be replaced. The easiest way to protect your construction site and prevent theft or vandalism is by installing a temporary fence for the duration of the project. Ideally, you should rent a tall fence with a wide gate; the gate can be left open to let workers and vehicles in and out of the site during working hours and then locked in the evenings to keep intruders out.

Protect the Environment

A construction project can create a lot of trash and debris, and if it is not properly contained it can be blown around to the areas surrounding the site. Having a temporary fence will help ensure that all debris stays on site and can be properly disposed of. Likewise, a temporary fence will also keep trash from blowing into the construction site and creating a mess. 

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