The Pros And Cons Of Adding A Chain-Link Fence To A Property

Are you thinking about adding a chain-link fence to your property? Fences are a great way to keep young children and pets inside a contained area of the property. The fences are also useful for providing extra security. It will help deter any trespassers from entering the yard. However, there are some disadvantages to residential chain link fences. This guide will walk through the pros and cons of installing a chain-link fence so you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right type of fence for you.


More Security

As mentioned above, a huge benefit of adding a fence is the security. Most chain-link fences are several feet high, so it is difficult to scale the fence. You can even add rolled barbed wire to the top of the fence so it is even harder for people to climb over it. However, be careful using the barbed wire if you have children who may try to climb the fence.

Lower Cost

The cost of a chain-link fence is relatively low when compared to wood or other materials. If you have a large yard, this will really save you a lot of money. The installation process is also quick and fairly easy, so it won't cost as much for a contractor to install it. You can even install it by yourself and save even more money.


Less Privacy

If you want a fence for privacy purposes then this fence isn't the right type for you. Due to the design of the chain-link, people on the other side can easily see through it. You can add strips of material like vinyl through each chain-link to make it harder to see through, but it takes quite a lot of time to do it. Wood or brick is a good material to use if you want privacy in your yard.

More Maintenance

Chain-link fences require a great deal of maintenance. You need to make sure the fence stays secure and doesn't start to sag in the middle of each section. This lowers the security level of the fence and makes it easier for people to get on or off of the property without your approval. Check the fence at least twice a year to make sure it is secure and shows no signs of damage.

If you think a chain-link fence is the right choice for your property, you can contact a local fencing contractor and request a quote. Make sure you have an estimate of the area that needs to be fenced to get an accurate quote.