3 Reasons Spiral Stair Kits Make Sense For A Tiny Home

Tiny houses are making the news because they are growing so greatly in popularity. More and more people are deciding they like the idea of living in a smaller abode and eliminating big expenses, but tiny home life is a little more complicated, and building your own tiny home will bring about choices you never thought you would have to make. One of the choices you will face is if you want your tiny home to have more than one story.

If you do decide on a two-story tiny home, you will have to decide whether you want ladder access or a spiral staircase. Here is a look at why spiral stair kits make good sense for a tiny home. 

Spiral stair kits don't take up a lot of floor space. 

The biggest concern in building a tiny home is working with the limited floor space you have available. One large component can take up so much space that it would make life in your tiny home frustrating because you would have to constantly maneuver around everything. A spiral stair kit has a small footprint, which means it will not take much floor space at all and still provide you with a logical access point for the upper story of the house. 

Spiral stairs provide safer access than the typical ladder. 

A lot of tiny home builders go for a ladder for upper-level access simply because it takes up little space, but a spiral staircase takes up just as little space and is safer to climb. Ladders simply don't offer a lot of support, and climbing almost completely vertically is not easy for everyone. Spiral stairs allow for a more gradual incline with your steps. Plus, they have rails along the side for support while you climb, which ladders do not offer. 

Spiral stairs look more like a feature in a conventional home. 

For some people who choose to move into a tiny home, it is important to them that their new house still looks a lot like a traditional home and functions like a traditional home in spite of its smaller stature. Spiral stair kits from companies such as Lamonaca Iron Works Inc​ make it possible to keep that same home feel without taking up a lot of space to do so. Spiral staircases have been used in traditional houses for a lot of years, so they do still offer that element of traditional style you are familiar with.