Fencing Ideas For A Small Backyard

Fencing your property makes it feel more private and offers security. Many think if you have a small backyard, fencing only makes it look smaller. However, there are several ways you could use wrought iron fencing to your advantage.

Thin Bars

Wrought iron comes in different design choices depending on your preference. If you're looking to create the illusion of a big backyard, you need to use narrow bars in your fencing. Thin bars give a more open feel, making your backyard feel bigger. Of course, you should go for single vertical bars. Having vertical and horizontal bars in your fence will create a cage-like feel, which will only work to make your backyard feel smaller.

If your only purpose for fencing is security, then thick bars may be a better choice. They provide a solid feel and are hard to bend. They also work to create a more private feel.

Short Fence

One way of creating the illusion of space is to widen the horizon. Short fences allow you to see beyond your backyard. This makes the small space feel open. One major advantage of having a short fence is it can be ornate without feeling like it is too much. You can add hanging flowers to the corners to make the fence blend with the greenery in your backyard. It also allows you to decorate the bottom borders of the fence without feeling trapped.

Blend It with Greenery

To visually expand your backyard, mesh your wrought iron fencing with greenery. The best option to create this illusion is growing flowering bushes. Flowering bushes that go all the way to the fence make the fence look like it's coming out of the bush. Instead of marking an end to your backyard, the fence seems to be a part of continuous space.

Another advantage to adding bushes is added security. Much as the iron fence is secure enough, it would be harder to jump over both the iron fence and the bushes. It also keeps out intruders who might be able to sneak through the greenery.

Ornate Fences

Wrought iron makes for beautiful fences. If you get a great design for your fence, you can make it become a part of the backyard. You can achieve this by painting it on the inside and adding a few hangings or designs. This makes the person seeing it from the inside forget the border of your backyard, giving it an endless feel.

Beautiful as these fences may be, they also offer ample security. However, you should note that for this purpose, shorter fences would work best. A high iron fence would lose the feel you're aiming for with this trick. Reach out to a fence service to discuss your options.