Horizontal Vs. Vertical Wood Fencing: Detailing Their Differences

Homeowners who want to install a new fence have plenty of material options. However, for people who have settled on a wood fence, there are typically two main options — vertical or horizontal. Both these options can provide a beautiful and durable privacy and security-boosting solution, but there are some differences between the two; learn more about them.


If you are like most people, budget is an essential aspect of the installation process. As such, a horizontal wood fence design will generally cost more than a vertical fence design. This difference has several reasons, but one factor is that different wood panels are used. Vertical fences usually rely on narrower pieces of wood, whereas horizontal fences are typically installed with wider wood pieces. 


Wood fences are well known for their durability, but these two options have some subtle differences. Vertical fences offer more durability than horizontal fences, but it is not to say that a horizontal design is not durable. However, if you live in a region prone to high winds or other factors that could impact your fence's stability, a vertical fence might offer you a greater level of security because vertical installation makes the fence able to withstand more.

Installation Time

The time it takes to install these fences is also different. Vertical panel fences are great for people who are short on time. These fences typically come in panels. As such, on installation day, each panel is essentially secured to the next. On the other hand, horizontal fences must be hand constructed, so they will take longer to install. However, in the event of damage, you will only need to repair a single horizontal slat, whereas, with a vertical fence, you might need to replace the entire panel.


If the ground under which you will install the fence is not level, how well the fence contours is another factor to consider. Vertical fences can be adjusted to follow any slopes on the ground, which can minimize extra space between the base of the fence and the ground. Horizontal fences cannot be manipulated as easily, so when installed on a slope, it is possible to have a sizeable amount of space between the fence and the ground.

A fence is a permanent structure, so it is important to choose wisely. Reach out to a fence installation contractor in your area for more information on this topic.