Residential Fencing - Vinyl Versus Wood

While wood fencing has been in use for centuries, it has a fierce competitor in the newer vinyl fencing. Many homeowners are now opting for this newer alternative. If you’re unsure which type of fencing would be best for your purposes, it can help to compare these two options so you better understand the pros and cons of each. Cost This is one of the factors that homeowners are typically most concerned with when purchasing fencing.

3 Types Of Pool Fences

Pool fences are designed to keep unwanted animals and people from entering your pool, and also provide a unique aspect to the aesthetic of your yard. There are a number of different types of pool fences available on the market, each of which carries a distinctive set of advantages and drawbacks with them. Understanding what each type of pool fence has to offer can help make it easier for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How Do You Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden Plants?

Do you plant numerous tasty veggies or beautiful flowers, only to wake up each morning and found that they’ve been eaten by deer? Deer are beautiful creatures, but having them eat your garden is frustrating. Here’s a look at some ways you can keep deer away. Build a deer fence. If your yard is fenced in but deer are still eating your garden, it’s probably because your fence is not tall enough.